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CRA Membership Benefits:

Legal & Regulatory Assistance

At CRA we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of complete assistance and customer service at all times to our clients, and your satisfaction with our services is very important to us. As part of our goal to best serve you in the most cost-effective manner, we offer three levels of service depending on your companies needs.  Unlike so many other legal OR compliance companies, we offer a robust and complete package covering BOTH compliance AND legal needs, as without the link between the two, a cannabusiness can easily find itself missing some key components that MUST work together.

What is a CRA Membership Agreement?

A membership agreement is a written, signed contract between CRA and our clients. By signing, you are agreeing that our compliance and legal staff will support you in the many regulatory and legal issues that will arise as you operate your cannabusiness during these ever-changing and unsure times. A general membership agreement will spell out the terms and conditions under which our regulatory and legal staff’s assistance for your business will be conducted, including how the monthly membership fee will be paid, the extent of aide and other surrounding relationship and expectation components.

The actual membership fee covers regulatory and legal assistance at a discounted rate allowing for the CRA team to help your company at a special member rate and keep you up to date with all legal and regulatory standards along with implementation of the constant updates relating to the cannabis market.   

What are the Benefits of a Membership Agreement?

A membership agreement is ideal for businesses that have a variety of on-going regulatory and legal needs versus one specific matter. This type of agreement offers a variety of unique benefits including:

  • Cost Effective Structure: Only one affordable membership fee is due monthly, versus having to provide hourly billings at a higher rate each time a specific matter requires regulatory or legal services. Many businesses find having a CRA membership to be more financially beneficial than having to pay for full-time, in-house legal counsel or quality assurance officer.
  • Convenience: A dedicated quality assurance specialist or attorney is on-call and available anytime you need assistance. By closely working on continuous matters for your business, a stronger client-CRA relationship is in place and this can be very beneficial during state and local inspections and any findings that CRA will be able to help you mitigate and/or defend.
  • Reduce Risk: Our CRA staff is available anytime you have questions, and can proactively help you mitigate risks and stop regulatory and legal issues through upfront ideas/suggestions. In addition, you will not have to search for regulatory or legal advice after your are already in a bind.  We are proactive and help keep your organization from getting into these very costly issues. Think of CRA as your insurance policy in keeping your organization from the very costly and legal issues that can arise very quickly in this ever changing market. 

CRA is your true partner for legal and compliance prevention and much more. The complexities and fast-paced nature of the Cannabis industry can derail operations in an instant. Our Monthly Membership Is VITAL To Your Cannabusiness. Whether you’re an investor, owner, manager, or front line operator, a robust compliance and legal infrastructure is necessary to truly protect your business in an ever-changing regulatory environment.  At a low monthly fee, you can rest assured CRA has you covered on all aspects impacting the compliance of your Cannabis business.